New Broadband and Workflow Automation Solutions

Updated: Apr 7

For over 50 years, Tait Communications has shaped the evolution of the critical communications industry. As we enter 2022, Tait continues to make an impact on the industry with the introduction of their powerful suite of broadband solutions, TAIT AXIOM.

TAIT AXIOM is a secure ecosystem that integrates the reliability of radio with the versatility of commercial and private LTE. It’s more than a full range of broadband devices, workforce applications and workflow automations—it unifies networks, devices and user locations to achieve a safer, more productive workforce.


One of the most exciting devices hitting the market in 2022 is the TAIT AXIOM Wearable – a compact, broadband-connected device that allows mobile teams to work beyond the radio network edge and in challenging areas like building interiors, automatically switching communications bearers.

The TAIT AXIOM Wearable is a lightweight device that mounts on a lapel or harness much like a radio speaker microphone, offering standalone access to TAIT AXIOM cloud-based Push-to-Talk services using broadband networks, including public/private LTE and WiFi. Simple, intuitive controls like a rotary dial and large dedicated buttons for PTT and distress calls let the user stay focused on their job.


New generation workers often prefer the form and capability of smart devices over portable radios, but they need to participate in conversations with front line workers. For users who require a smart device, the TAIT TeamUp application eliminates communication barriers and provides access to multimedia sharing and workflows, regardless of network or location.


Mobile workforces can traverse multiple network coverage areas over the course of a shift, but it’s impractical to manually switch devices between locations. TAIT AXIOM Mobiles enable seamless movement between communications networks, and access to applications and workflows using an intelligent vehicle network and edge computing platform, all in a familiar radio form factor.

Workflow Automation

Create, store and execute automated workflows at the edge using the processing power of TAIT AXIOM Mobiles and leveraging its functions and interactions with connected devices. Learn more about Workflow Automation here.