FRV to carry out its first hybrid solar battery Project near Dalby

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a global leading provider of sustainable energy solutions has started construction on its first 5 MWac Solar-Storage Hybrid Power Plant in Australia.

Located in the Dalby region of Queensland, the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) facility will feature 2.4 MWac of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation panels and a 2.5 MWac/5 MWh energy storage system which, once completed, will be one of the first co-located PV and BESS system greenfield developments in Australia.

The plant’s output will be connected to Ergon’s distribution network, allowing the hybrid power plant to supply and take electricity from the grid and trade in the National Electricity Market.

The plant is designed to be operated as a predictable and dispatchable generation plant, to provide a reliable energy output to QLD customers. The system will have the ability to access the maximum number of markets and revenue streams, including arbitrage and FCAS* services.

Carlo Frigerio, Managing Director of FRV Australia, stated: "Battery Energy Storage Systems are needed to support further investment in Queensland renewables and help maintain system security and reliability. This project will be critical to Queensland’s future energy supply and security as renewable energy capacity increases, with storage supporting solar and wind power coming into the market when it is most needed. The inclusion of PV as part of the project shows the importance of integrating solar and batteries in order to deliver dispatchable power.

Felipe Hernandez, Global Managing Director of FRV-X, added: “FRV is already collaborating with governments, regulators, and partners around the world to lay the foundations for a new energy model. Energy storage will play a central and critical role to fully realise the power of renewable energy, and FRV acknowledges the value of this technology as a key element to achieve a decarbonised society”.

This project is FRV’s ninth project in Australia becoming part of a total of approximately 640MWdc owned projects’ portfolio.

Only last year, FRV reached three financial closes in Australia alone, clearly demonstrating its continuing strong commitment to grow and consolidate its unique portfolio of solar and storage assets in the country.

The Dalby project also continues FRV’s global expansion in utility-scale storage systems. The company is aiming to further grow its pipeline of energy storage capacity and already has two battery projects in the UK; Holes Bay in Dorset, a 7.5 MW/15 MWh battery plant that has been operating since June 2020, and Contego, a 34MW/68 MWh battery project in West Sussex, that once completed in 2021, will be one of the most advanced and innovative energy storage systems in the UK. In addition to this, FRV has developed an advanced pipeline of battery projects in different countries.

The Dalby Hybrid Facility is expected to create job opportunities during construction and operations. FRV requires all construction partners working on its solar farm developments to hire local contractors and utilise local suppliers wherever possible.

Construction is expected to be completed in December 2021 and the facility has an operating life of around 30 years.