Digital Transformation for Mine Safety and Efficiency

The Austmine conference in Perth 25-27 May will include a showcase of digital transformation solutions from Tait Communications that can improve mine safety and efficiency.

Austmine is the world’s leading mining innovation conference, bringing together the brightest minds to progress the innovation conversation with a focus on Harnessing Intelligence.

For those not able to attend Austmine, Tait has contributed a range of free webinars and whitepapers sharing objective insight on this topic. The whitepaper “Digging Deeper with Digital” is a good introduction, followed and the webinar “Digital Transformation for Mine Safety and Efficiency”. Both whitepaper and webinar explore challenges in the industry, the range of communications technologies available, and how new broadband solutions such as Private LTE can turn data into actionable insights and full automation.

The whitepaper “No Point of Failure” explores the roles that multiple technologies can plan in a unified critical communications solution - leveraging the best of existing technology and integrating broadband solution layers. You can learn more about unified critical communications for mining in this free online training course on the Radio Academy.

The webinar “Digital Transformation at the Edge” looks specifically at the role of edge computing and IoT in communication, automation and applications. This webinar explores how fleet communications can be transformed to deliver smarter, safer working by building on and integrating with existing systems, using a number of Tait Unified Vehicle case studies.

Edge computing is featured in the Case Study from ConsMin Woodie Woodie manganese mine in the Pilbara. This is one of the toughest mining environments around, and operating 24x7 like many mine sites, needed highly reliable communications equipment. A major innovation in mine safety, Tait Unified Vehicle integrates the radio system with a third-party lightning alert service to auto-trigger and help ensure blast and other vulnerable areas are clear well ahead of strikes.

Demonstration videos of the lightning strike alert, blast tones, and electronic signage control can be viewed here.

Tait has a long history of working with mining companies in Australia. There are 42 operations across the country relying on Tait for reliable communications to minimise safety risks and minimise interruption to production. We've helped mine sites migrate from analog radio networks to modern digital systems, incorporating custom solutions for their unique challenges.

If you’d like to learn more about a digital communications solution tailored to your needs, visit Tait at Austmine 2021, or contact Tait via their website.