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The first glimmers of inward investment are bearing fruit as the industry realises we are exporting much of our unprocessed wealth. Joint ventures are being inked and Australian research centres established in the sprint to establish dominance over the entire battery minerals supply chain.


Features include:

  • PROCESSING POWER - keeping it 'in country'.

  • RACE FOR RAW MATERIALS - manufacturers are highlighting critical supply shortages as Aussie explorers rush to stake their claim.

  • CONVERSION THERAPY -  midstream bottlenecks have been depressing spot prices. In an industry that's still finding its feet, the cork is about to pop out of the bottle again.




NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES looks at all the complex parameters, decisions and complexities in the battery world, aiming to help the purchaser make a wise decision. We also consider the future of mining with the increasing use of data modelling and advanced computing power making operations more efficient and environmentally friendly. This issue goes on to take an in-depth look at hydrogen power: although a hot topic at the moment, is it really viable as a standalone solution? 

Features include:

  • KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON - How to buy a battery.

  • 21st CENTURY MINING - miners harnessing computing power. 

  • HYDROGEN ON THE GO - the new hot clean energy source under the microscope.

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NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES checks out the Australian companies who are making leaps and strides in the renewable technology space. We also look at all things solar - panels, inverters et al. This issue also pinpoints the groundswell in miners looking at clean energy options to power their remote operations as well as some timely and wise advice from a veteran in how to invest in the current market in preparation for the inevitable recovery. 

Features include:

  • MADE AT HOME - Aussie tech making the grade.

  • POWERPLAY - renewable energy solutions turning on miners and stakeholders. 

  • WAITING FOR THE FUTURE - smart energy poised to precipitate an economic recovery.

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NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES looks at the recently tanking lithium market and considers its medium-term prospects. Our analysts and foreign market experts cut through the current hysteria and discover that, as ever, quality and recovery rates are key. The future for lithium miners and greenfield explorers is still very bright. This issue also looks at advances in mining technology including the emergence of 'renewable' equipment, driving improved efficiencies.

Features include:

  • IT TAKES A VILLAGE - getting a mine up.

  • IN THE MIX - vanadium, zinc, cobalt, nickel. graphite et al: the quiet cousins of battery minerals.

  • CLEANING UP - mining equipment going green.

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Over or under? Claims that the supply chain is either over-serviced or undercooked, depends on whom you ask and their particular agenda. One thing's for sure: Australia's stable mining sector is the destination of choice for raw materials. NER reads between the lines and serves it up straight - renewable energy storage is not going away anytime soon, no matter the weather or market economics. 


Features include:

  • PROCESS ENGINEERS - the brainpower behind increased recovery rates. 

  • LOOKING INTO THE FUTURES - London's impending new lithium market.

  • NEW ENERGY - Tier 1 assets.




NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES explores this season's hot topic: mine closure and rehabilitation. Clean Energy is as much dependent upon how it is extracted and 'made good' as it is upon the end product. This issue also looks at battery chemistry and the best options for end-user energy storage as well as an in-depth analysis of the robustly emerging EV market, particularly in Europe.

Features include:

  • GOING INTO REHAB - sustainable mine closure.

  • THE BESTEST BATTERY - renewable energy storage at the sharp, chemical end of the equation.

  • THE END OF THE BEGINNING - electric vehicles now appear to be approaching adolescence.