The New Energy Partnership, publisher of NEW-ENERGY RESOURCES, is a collective of professionals dedicated to the rapidly evolving market of clean energy storage and transmission. Our group consists of mining experts, respected industry commentators, analysts, investors, financiers and publishing professionals both in Australia and in lucrative yet opaque markets such as China.


The driving philosophy of our publications is one of pragmatism – we shed light on the entire supply chain, working from (below) the ground up. As such we, and our audience, are just as interested in commodity spot prices, greenfield explorers, processing plants and operating mines as we are in advancements in battery technology.


As publishers, we have a 26 year track record of successful print and digital magazines both in Australia and the UK. Our titles have won numerous design and content awards including New Magazine of the Year bestowed by Publishers Australia, Australia’s official publishing trade association.


Australia is endowed with a wealth of mineral resources and technical know-how which will form the bedrock of the new energy revolution. We have the raw materials to make it happen. The rest of the world is watching us closely.